• Updated Ticket Prices of 25 Scenic Spots in Kunming

    Scenic Spots in Kunming City West Hill: 40 RMB/Person Highlights: Wonderful view of the Dianchi Lake from the top of the hill; hidden temples and the Dragon Gate   Tanhua Temp...

  • Long-Term Residence Instruction

    Instructions for long-term residence in China including Kunming.

  • Custom Clearance Documents

    Samples and Filling of Entry Form and Luggage Declaration Samples and Filling of Entry Form and Luggage Declaration....

  • Customs and Quarantine

    Declaration regulations, duty exemption regulations, currency limit and object carrying etc.

  • Tourist Insurances

    Insurance are very necessary when travelling.

  • Children and Handicapped

    There are expense reduction and exemption oriented to children and the handicapped in the services of railway stations, airports, scenic spots, hotel, restaurants, and shopping malls....

  • Some Basic Chinese (with Pinyin)

    In this article are some basic with Chinese pinyin annunciation.

  • Some Taboos

    Originating mainly from (religious) cultures of minorities, taboos have served as crucial and helpful guidance for “out-comers”, who hope to smoothly enjoy the meaningful tours in minority areas aro...

  • Voltage and Emergency Telephone Numbers

    Voltage, socket, and emergency telephone numbers

  • Visa Regulations

    Foreign tourists traveling to China need to apply for a travel visa (Visa L) with the overseas embassies and consulates of China....