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  • Yunnan Art Museum

    Yunnan Art Museum founded in 1984. It is a public institution affiliated to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. The whole museum covers an area of 8,636 s...

  • To Meet Rose Flower Sea in Bajie Town

    Bajie Town is located in the southwest of Anning, Kunming City, about 36 kilometers away from Anning. At an altitude of 1940 meters and an average annual temperature of 14.8℃, it is an ideal place fo...

  • Panlong River Sightseeing Boat

    The Panlong River starts from Liangwang Mountain in the northwest of Songming County in the north and reaches the estuary of Dianchi  Lake in Haigeng Village, Fuhai Township, Guandu District...

Map of Kunming International Air Routes

Kunming route map