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  • Scenic Area around Dianchi Lake

    In the mind of Kunming people Dianchi is a lake which has an important position. And around Dianchi Lake, the scenery is endless, and there are many scenic spots that people must visit in their t...

  • Upgrade of Laoyuhe Wetland Park

    After two months improved, the Laoyuhe Wetland Park has upgrade a magnificent change. The biggest change is add some entertainment facilities such as water trampolines, fishing area,&nb...

  • Delta Hotels Kunming & Sheraton Kunming

    On August 28, the Delta Hotels Kunming and Sheraton Kunming double-brand hotel held a grand opening ceremony. As new urban landmarks, these two international high-end hotels will create a high-quality...

Map of Kunming International Air Routes

Kunming route map