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Helpful Information

  • Dianchi Grand Hotel

    Located at No.1316, Dianchi Road, adjacent to Haigeng Park, separated by a river from West Mountain Forest Park, and surrounded by Yunnan Ethnic Village. ...

  • Hao Yue•Bali Resort Hotel

    Located at the intersection of Beijing Road and Lianmeng Road, downstairs is the flourishing Ausdy Shopping Plaza, nearby is catering, leisure, shopping and other facilities. ...

  • Sofitel Hotel

    Sofitel is an international luxury hotel, offering authentic French experience, and bringing you the exotic customs. ...

  • Cultural Background

    Since the 13th Century, Kunming has become the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan Province where ancient humans multiplied over 250,000 years ago.......

  • Long-Term Residence Instruction

    Instructions for long-term residence in China including Kunming.

  • Custom Clearance Documents

    Samples and Filling of Entry Form and Luggage Declaration Samples and Filling of Entry Form and Luggage Declaration....

  • Customs and Quarantine

    Declaration regulations, duty exemption regulations, currency limit and object carrying etc.

  • Tourist Insurances

    Insurance are very necessary when travelling.

  • Children and Handicapped

    There are expense reduction and exemption oriented to children and the handicapped in the services of railway stations, airports, scenic spots, hotel, restaurants, and shopping malls....

  • Some Basic Chinese (with Pinyin)

    In this article are some basic with Chinese pinyin annunciation.