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Helpful Information

  • Weilong Hotel

    Located at the intersection of Yanhe Road and Jinbi Road in the downtown area

  • Jinquan Hotel

    A business hotel, this hotel is located in downtown business area with convenient transportation and populated financial institutions....

  • Wang Hu hotel

    Located in southern area of Hongta Sports Center, the environment is quiet and tasteful. The hotel has the largest total light lobby in Kunming, noble and elegant. ...

  • Dianchi Grand Hotel

    Located at No.1316, Dianchi Road, adjacent to Haigeng Park, separated by a river from West Mountain Forest Park, and surrounded by Yunnan Ethnic Village. ...

  • Hao Yue•Bali Resort Hotel

    Located at the intersection of Beijing Road and Lianmeng Road, downstairs is the flourishing Ausdy Shopping Plaza, nearby is catering, leisure, shopping and other facilities. ...

  • Sofitel Hotel

    Sofitel is an international luxury hotel, offering authentic French experience, and bringing you the exotic customs. ...

  • Long-Term Residence Instruction

    Instructions for long-term residence in China including Kunming.

  • Custom Clearance Documents

    Samples and Filling of Entry Form and Luggage Declaration Samples and Filling of Entry Form and Luggage Declaration....

  • Customs and Quarantine

    Declaration regulations, duty exemption regulations, currency limit and object carrying etc.

  • Tourist Insurances

    Insurance are very necessary when travelling.