Kunming Impression Walking in the Old Streets to Meet the History of Kunming

If human kind is the soul of the city, then then architecture is the body of the city. All the ancient constriction in Kunming are the context and heritage of this city. The ancient buildings and old blocks represented the unique cultural coordinates of Kunming, inheriting the personality and heritage of Kunming, and telling the vicissitudes of Kunming ’s history.


Kunming Old Street

Kunming Old Street is the last historical area in Kunming city, Kunming Old Street area still retains a large number of historical buildings and cultural relics in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The oldest one has nearly 900 years history, it has many memories and stories of the city.


The old houses in Kunming Old Street are mainly composed of courtyard houses, and also combine the characteristics of folk houses of the Bai and Yi ethnic groups. " These old house represent the level of Kunming dwelling architecture during that period, exemplify the integration of the Central Plains culture and Yunnan ethnic culture, and are also the unique characteristics of Kunming that distinguish it from other cities.


Tongren Street

Tongren Street, founded in 1872, is the most typical representative of Kunming French style architecture. The arcade on Tongren Street merges the architectural styles of many European countries, coupled with the Chinese style, presenting the people with an all-encompassing architectural scroll.


After the 1980s, Tongren Street gradually became commercial, with hair salons, photo galleries, dentists, fashion shops, as well as a variety of Hong Kong and foreign goods. At that time, Tongren Street, Jinbi Road, and Sanshi Street became the most prosperous "Golden Triangle" of Kunming City.

Tongren Street witnessed the combination of traditional Chinese architecture style and foreign cultures. It tells the historical story of Kunming in that era, and also expresses the inclusive urban personality of Kunming City.



Chamahuajie located at West shore of Dianchi Lake, it is a special Kunming culture and travel experience area in Xishan District. Chamahuajie is also the only way to the core scenic spot of Longmen, a scenic spot in Western Hill Forest Park.


Kunming as a important station of Ancient Tea-Horse Road, and also have the traditional of flower market. In the old days, the horses carried the goods and tea just to catch up with the lively scene of Kunming flower market, which formed a grand scene of the transaction between the flower market and the tea market. This kind of scene was particularly prosperous during the Republic of China period, and was later called "Chamahuajie".



Yunnan Zhenzhuang Guest House

The golden tile and red wall of No. 154 Beijing Road is quite incompatible with the surrounding modern environment. Entering Yunnan Zhenzhuang Guest House the noise of outside has separated by the wall. It is a unique garden in the center of the city.

In 1914, Germany chose this place to set up the German consulate in Yunnan. In 1936, the Yunnan Provincial Chairman Long Yun used this place as his own residence. Since the founding of the country, it has become an important reception place for government affairs in Yunnan Province.

The architectures style of Yunnan Zhenzhuang Guest House are well combined by Chinese and Western style, also has quiet and elegant courtyards, and green bamboos.


Yunnan University

Every building in Yunnan University Donglu Campus has its own history. The oldest building in Yunnan University Donglu Campus  even can be traced back to 1499 AD.


Zhigongtang and Kaopeng are the centre of Yunnan Gongyuan Building Group. It is one of the only testimony of the history of China's 1,300-year imperial examination system in the country. The famous "Last Speech" by Mr. Wen Yiduo is here.


Completed in 1924, the Huize Academy designed by the Zhang Banghan is a landmark of Yunnan University Donglu Campus. This typical French-style building has experienced vicissitudes and recorded the development of Yunnan University. During the Anti-Japanese War, Huize Academy became an important position for propaganda against Japan in China.


Kunming ancient Street and ancient buildings record the history of the city, showing the taste of the city. 



(Article:Kunming Faner Photo: innyo, Kunming Faner)