Best Place for Hot Summer near Kunming

Due to the pleasant weather Kunming was known as Spring City, however this summer Kunming has become hotter than before, so find a  place to spend hot summer is a necessary thing.


Qinglongxia Scenic Area

Qinglongxia scenic area is located at Qinglong Town, Anning, Kunming, approximately 29 kilometers away from Anning downtwon, about one hour drive from Kunming. It is the nearest place to have fun in this hot summer around Kunming.

In Qinglongxia scenic area the forest is dense and teh vegetation is intact. A stream of water flows down from the top of the mountain and flows slowly. Thanks to the forest and water flows, the tempertuare of Qinglongxia scenic area is lower than city, seems like a huge fridge. You can not only enjoy the nature scenery but also can play fun with waters. Qinglongxia rafting has known as the best rafting in Yunnan, situated in Tanglangchuan River (a tributary of Jinsha River), this area is suitable for rafting and appreciating the intoxicating sceneries along the river banks. The Qinglongxia drifting river is 5 kilometers long and takes 1 hour. Take a kayak from the Qinglongxia Drifting Pier, 5 km from Qinglongxia Scenic Area, and drift down the river.

Qinglongxia Scenic Area is a place suit for whole famlily. Kids can enjoy the exciting glass bridge and for the elderly they can walk through the forest path take a relax.


Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake located at Chengjiang county, south of Yuxi city. But it only 60 kilometers away from Kunming city, about an hour's drive, it is also called the garden of Kunming. Fuxian Lake is the largest deep-water fresh water lake in China and the largest lake at the source of the pearl river. Its water volume is 12 times that of Dianchi, 6 times that of Erhai and 4.5 times that of Taihu Lake. It accounts for 72.8% of the total water volume of the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan and 9.16% of the fresh water volume of the whole country.

There are many scenic areas around the Fuxian Lake, you can spend the whole weekend in there. Not only enjoy the nature scenery but you can play the exciting water sports.


Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is a good choice for hot summer, about 150 km from Kunming City. The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is famous for its winter snow scene. However, the mountain has beautiful scenery in all seasons. The Jiaozi snow mountain is 4247 meters above sea level, and the average summer temperature is only 3-13 degrees. It is a good choice for summer vacation and leisure vacation.

In the hot summer, look for a cool place in Jiaozi Snow Mountain, enjoy the flowers, and take a rest, you may feel cold in the snow mountain, probably you need wear a blouse.


Xudian Shiban River

Shiban River Scenic Area located at Xudian county, only two hours drive from Kunming. Deeply hidden in the mountains and forests, it attracts many tourists to visit the dense forests. In the 4km long scenic area, the vegetation is lush, the cliffs are towering, the rocks are smashing, and the waterfalls are in groups. You can walk freely in the mountains, watch the waterfalls, and breathe fresh air to soothe the accumulated fatigue.

Shiban River is not a very popular tourist attraction, so the quiet and tranquil environment is more relaxing and comfortable.