The Ancient town of Guandu

The ancient town on Guandu located at Southeastern of Kunming, only 8 kilometers away from Kunming downtown. It is one of the most famous historical and cultural ancient towns in Kunming. In the old time, Guandu is an important ferry port for ships in Dianchi Lake, it is also a political, economic and culturally developed town on the way to southern and western part of Yunnan.



Miaozhan Temple Vajra Tower

Vajra Tower was built in Ming dynasty (1458) , it is the oldest one in the existing Vajra tower in China. There are five small towers on the square shape base of the Vajra tower, with 16 meters high main tower in the center. In the bottom road cross the four doors, so it also called Chuanxin (means cross the center ) Tower. Local people believes that walk through the tower can bring luck.


Delicious food

The historical charm of Kunming has been best preserved in the ancient town of Guandu, especially local food. Snack in the ancient town of Guandu combines traditional Kunming snacks with other place local food in Yunnan.