Lai Manna Restaurant


Spacious than its sister restaurant Manna, Lai Manna is located on Fengzhu Street, about 7 minutes’ walk from the former on Wenhua Xiang. It also serves affordable yet appetizing Yunnan cuisine.


Recommended dish

Braised eggplant, Smelly tofu with chopped vegetable, Curry beef, Yunnan style mashed potato.


( Smelly tofu with chopped vegetable)


(Curry beef)


(Braised eggplant)


  • Address: No. 252, Fengzhu Street, Wuhua District, Kunming
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明市五华区 凤翥街252号
  • Tel: 0871-65379699
  • Opening Hours: 10:30-21:00
  • Price Range: 45 Yuan/person