One-Day Trip To Some Old Buildings Around Green Lake Park

When strolling around Cuihu (Green Lake) Park, you might be wondering the name and history of some old buildings covered with lush trees in a corner. Here, we have gathered several of the well known mansions around this area.

Recommended tour: Family Tang’s Garden -- Wang Jiuling’ Residence -- Mr. Zhou’s Mansion -- Lu Congren’s Mansion -- Zhu De’s Residence

Family Tang’s Garden

The Tang (Tang Jirao) Mansion and the Family Tang’s Garden belong together, while the mansion is facing the Beimen Street and the garden is at the rear door, only one wall away from the Yuantong Park. As early as the last century, the Tang’s Garden had already well known for its elegant architectural design. Nowadays, only an arch is left standing near the Cuimingyuan residential area.

Address: No. 51, Beimen Street (北门街51号)

Wang Jiuling’s Residence

Wang Jiuling’s Residence sits next to Yunnan University in the centre of Kunming. Wang Jiuling, born in Yunlong County in Yunnan, had served as the Director of Education of the Beiyang Government. This building was completed in 1925 with a traditional courtyard house in which the grand view of Cuihu (Green Lake) Park could be appreciated. Today, the building has converted into a restaurant.

Address: No. 3, Cuihu Beilu (翠湖北路3号)


Zhu De’s Residence

Mr. Zhu De had spent a rather nice time during his stay in Kunming for 13 years nearly a century ago. The name of his residence was the Xiaomeiyuanxiang No 3, meaning “the little lane of plum garden”. Now it has been listed as a provincial protected unit.

Address: No. 4 Honghuaxiang (红花巷4号)


Lu Congren’s Mansion

This building was the residence of Lu Congren, a then Minister of Finance of Yunnan. This two storey building is a wonderful combination of Chinese and Western style, boasting a pleasant view of the lake.

Address: No. 65, Cuihunanlu (South Cuihu Road) (翠湖南路65号)


Mr. Zhou’s Mansion

This mansion was a private residence of Zhang Ruoyuan, but after years later, it became the residence of Zhou Zhongyue, an eminent writer of the Republic of China. From then on, this building had different owners and had encountered several restorations. It had been converted into a restaurant, but now it is an empty old building witnessing the story of the spring city.

Address: Xiaojipo (翠湖小吉坡)


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