51# Bookshop/Adventures of a Café

On Qianwang Street, one of the oldest streets in downtown Kunming, cafés, teahouses and restaurants can be found quite easily. But this place is a combination of café, tea, wine and bookshop that captured our eyes when we walked in. It has two storeys and it covers an area of nearly 400 sqm, making it a rather cozy and spacious spot to enjoy the nice view of Qiangwang Street and a relatively quiet space for reading.

The name #51 Books came from the actual number of its location on Qianwang Street. Over looking the oldest part of Kunming from the second floor, one might be captured by this area’s old style buildings, which are surrounded by shopping malls, banks and other commercial buildings. To sip a cup of coffee and to read a book or two, while conjure up what was it like living in this area a hundred years ago could also be a fun experience. It’s also an ideal place to meet friends or just people watching.

Address: No. 51, Qiangwang Street (钱王街51号)