Reasons to visit Kunming

Ideal Summer Destination with Spring-like weather

Kunming is blessed with spring-like weather all year round. Even in July and August, while most of the cities in China reach the temperature of over 30℃ and to stay indoors to avoid the heat or the humid air (some places could suffer from the so-called “sauna days”) is top option. In Kunming, on the contrary, summer is all about going out for fun and no need to worry about the weather getting too hot or humid.

Marvelous Sceneries

With its perfect climate, outdoor activities seem like a rather enjoyable thing to do in Kunming during summer. Except for golfing, playing table tennis, swimming, etc, hiking or cycling around the famous Dianchi Lake, trekking in the world heritage site the Stone Forest, Jiuxiang Karst Cave, camping at Laoying Mountain, Liangwang Mountain, etc, or to conduct scientific research at the Red Land or simply to have a rather rewarding photography tour, without doubt, could make your holiday a memorable experience.

Rich Ethnic Minority Culture

There are 56 ethnic minorities in China while it takes 26 in Yunnan Province. Kunming, the capital city, is a city with multi ethnic groups, which has plenty of important festivals. For instance, the Yi people’s Fire Torch Festival, Dai people’s Water Splashing Festival and Mizhi Festival of Sani People, etc.

A City Where History Meets Modernity

Kunming is one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture. As early as 30,000 years ago, Kunming people had lived near the Dianchi Lake. Nowadays, Kunming is a metropolis with great historical importance. It is used to be the centre of the Kingdom Dian and the vice capital of the Kingdom Nanzhao of Dali for more than 500 years. Today, the spring city is the gateway of China to Southeast Asia and South Asia. It plays a pivotal role in trade and tourism among other cities in Southwest China.

Gourmet Capital

Yunnan food is well acknowledged by its fresh ingredients, minor hot and spicy taste and exquisite preparing process. Well known local food including rice noodles, crispy roast duck, steamed chicken, shredded rice cake, mashed potato in Yunnan style, goat cheese cake etc.