Jinbi Road 20 Years Ago

Jinbi Road is one of the main roads in downtown Kunming, pointing west to the east. It had existed a long time ago, back in the Ming and Qing dynasty. The Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Memorial Arch, which was built in the Ming dynasty erects in the middle part of Jinbi Road. It also forms a T-shaped intersection at the south end of Sanshi Street on the north-south central axis. And this area was and still is one of the high streets in Kunming.

Nowadays when we walk on this busy, highly populated and commercialized Jinbi Road, it is hardly for anyone to imagine what was it look like a century ago.

During the past, most Kunmingers would commute through Jinbi Road. When one smelt the aroma of the authentic flavoured food, such as the Baozi stuffed with BBQ pork and sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf from Guanshengyuan (a local time-honored food producer), or a warm bowl of rice noodles from Congshan Food, or steamed buns from Jinbi Baozi Shop, they knew that an other new day has come.

In summer time, lush trees on both sides of the road kept the heat away and in autumn, yellow leaves paved the road with golden colour.

These photos were taken in late 1995.  

(photo credit: web)