Songming County’s first Tulip Festival

From February 10th to March 20th 2017, Songming County is going to have its first Tulip Festival in Yunnan Demonstration Garden of Flower Planting. During the festival, there are about 300,000 tulips and nearly one million hyacinth, poppy, primula malacoides, cineraria cruenta, shiba sakura, vervain, South African marigold, viola tricolor, argyranthemum frutescens, blue daisy, oriental cheery, etc. on show.

The exhibition area covers 50,000sqm which themes in “Welcome the Spring, Enjoy the sea of flower”. Visitors could enjoy beautiful flowers and other activities such as camping, flower arranging, flower riddles, flower photography competition and potted plant design, etc. Furthermore, helpful information on flower planting will also be provided in the exhibition area, along with lottery drawing and BBQ. 

Ticket: 20 yuan per person

Transportation: Drive from the North Kunming Toll Station to Xiaojie Toll Station, and then to reach the Yunnan Demonstration Garden of Flower Planting.