Old photos of Kunming during the Republic of China (1912-1949)

You might have seen photos of Kunming from the 90s or even 80s, but these ones were taken before 1949. 

This photo was taken from a market just outside the city gate of Kunming.

A view from Huguo Gate

The city moat of Kunming 

Locals observing posters

A soldier having a rest

The city gate of Kunming

A vendor making cigarettes

A boy holding some silkworm cocoons

A little girl

A mum and two girls

A little boy

A palanquin in front of a shop

Women doing laundry

A restaurant near Dianchi Lake

Sampling the food

A vendor who sells flute made by himself

A view of Kunming–Myanmar Road

Kunming Huikang (Wei Kong & Co) Mall

Outskirt of Kunming 

Outskirt of Kunming 

Girls rowing a boat

Dianchi Lake

A farmer catching a horse carriage

Boats on Dianchi Lake

Residential area

Pedestrian street paved with flagstone

At a market

Rice transplanting


Memorial archway of “Dian Nan Shou Jun”

Horse carriages


 (转引自:玩转滇川藏, 翻译:李璐)