Pu’er Tea Culture

Tea culture is the total of material civilization and spiritual civilization carried by tea, including the historical development of tea, humanity environment of the tea area, science and technology of tea industry, types of tea, tea set, tea drinking habit, tea ceremony, tea morals, cultural and artistic forms such as calligraphy, paintings, poems, verses, songs, and dances about tea. Tea culture is characterized by integration of material and mind, and elegance and popularity, pragmatism and aesthetics. 


Pu’er tea culture is the spiritual expression and ideological system carried by Pu’er tea. With time-honored history and long origin, it is an exotic flower in Chinese tea culture, involving a variety of fields such as society, culture, philosophy, religion, geography, history, literature, arts, medicine, health, technique, and archaeology, etc. Based on its simple, mild, integrity and faithful characters, an ideological system of Pu’er tea culture involving sacrifice, presents, friend making, poems, songs and dances with tea has been established.


The “frugality, quietness, peace and respect” of Pu’er tea culture fall in conformity with the essence of Chinese tea culture and also bear their own characteristics. “Frugality” means to be frugal, just drinking a cup of tea. “Quiet” means purifying one's heart and reducing the number of one's desires. “Peace” means keeping a peaceful mind, sticking to the doctrine of mean, and being friendly to others. “Respect” means treat others with due respect. The mind is cultivated and the sentiment is molded in the practice of tea affairs and interpersonal communications. 


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