Summer Vacation Famaliy Trip Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley

Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley is located 23 kilometers south of Lufeng County in Chuxiong Prefecture, about one and half hour drive for Kunming city. The scenic spot covers an area of 3.6 square kilometers. The Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley recreates a lost Jurassic era. It is a dinosaur cultural tourism theme park that integrates site protection, sightseeing recreation, and science study. It is a national AAAA level tourist attraction.

In the largest dinosaur culture theme park in the country, you can cross to the Jurassic world 200 million years ago, get intimate contact with dinosaurs, interpret the story of the earth, and explore the mysteries of life.


How to get there?

Self drive:Kunming→Hangrui Highway→Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley



Take the coach at Chuxiong South coach station or Chuixiong East coach station, 9:30am everyday

Ticket price: 40 yuan/person

Tel: 0878-3139681、3139888


Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley Express Bus

Take bus in Wal-Mart Supermarket Parking Lot, Chuncheng Road, Kunming.

The bus start 9am and back the parking lot at 5:30pm, ticket price include the ticket of Dinosaur Valley.

Ticket price:120 yuan/person


There are two different area in the Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley, Dinosaur Fossil Area and Jurassic World Tourist Area. The Dinosaur Fossil Area has many dinosaur fossils and assembled dinosaurs, it is a very meaningful outdoor study class for every child. You can also learn about the whole process of dinosaurs from birth to death through holographic-reduced short films.


Jurassic World Tourist Area is more like a amusement park, it has many excited recreational facilities for tourists. This year, Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley has build a new spring hotel give tourists a better experience.



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