Nanping Street

Nanping Street is 685 meters long and 40 meters wide, covering an area of 3.67 hectares. North to Zhengyi Road, Wenming Street, south to Sanshi Street, Jinma Biji Square, East and West Temple Tower Area.

Nanping Street is a historical old street block, it is also the commercial, financial and entertainment center of Kunming in the old days. Even now the Nanping Street is still the most popular place.

Due to the growth of the population of the times, Nanping Street was converted into a pedestrian street, and a four-lane tunnel was built underground to cross the entire Nanping Street to the Art Theatre. There are 5 sets of bronze sculptures on Nanping Street, “Liuniao”, “Tiaoshui”, “photographing”, “selling”, “Tiaohaipai”. These sculptures vividly show the life scenes of the old Kunming people.

The “Fushou” archway shows the architectural style of old Kunming. Fu (means happniess) and Shou (means longevity) were touched by every visitors, it seems touch the Fu and Shou can bring luck to them.

On the Nanping Street, there are nine walls that has engraved the the “Yunnan Eighteen Strange Custom”. Yunnan Eighteen Strange custom is make the unique phenomenon and features of Yunnan’s various localities are drawn into this “jingle”.This is a shortcut to knowing Yunnan's most relaxed and enjoyable.

The eight bronze carved chairs are lined up in a row in Nanping Street, which makes the “hall” bring an elegant atmosphere. These chairs were imitation of the rosewood carved chair in celebrity’s home in the old Kunming. Now the chairs in Nanping Street means we are waiting for guests from afar.


The relief map of the old city in the center of Nanping Street Square reproduces the layout of the Kunming City in the late Qing Dynasty and the style of the city. It has to be the best proof of Kunming city of the millennium.

In addition to these landscapes, there are also many special restaurant in the shopping mall around the Nanping Street. You can not only meet the old culture of Kunming but also the traditional Yunnan style food.


Nanping Street is the center of Kunming. It is the pride of Kunming people and a must-see place for visitors to Kunming.


(Article and photo source:yunnan wuxing dianqi