Wenhua Alley

There are own spcial historical architectures and reprensentative sympol for each city, such as Beijing’s Hutong, Siheyuan and Bingtanghulu (sugar-coated fruit on a stick), Chengdu’s teahouse and hot pots. For Kunming, the old alleys and local snacks are the unique memories of old Kunming.

Wenhua Alley located at Wuhua district, Kunming. South started at Wenlin Street, end at Tianjundian Alley in the north, 249 meters long. As a famous historical commercial street in Kunming, Wenhua Alley is also one of the representative business cards of this city.

During the Anti-Japanese War, teachers and students from Tsinghua University, Peking University and Nankai University moved to Kunming, and then they established the Southwest Union University in Kunming.Many scholars such as Zhu Ziqing, Wen Yiduo, Shen Congwen and Lin Huiyin were uesd to live in Wenhua Alley and nearby Wenlin Street.

Up to now, the Qianjie Street under the Wenhua Alley still retains the former residence of Mr. Wen Yeiuo and the site of the martyrdom. In this street, pedestrians will be infected by the heavy historical atmosphere and cultural heritage.

After 1950, with the expansion and construction of nearby institutions, this Wenhua Alley became the importat road of teachers and students of Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming University of Science and Technology access from school to Wenlin Street.


Wenhua Alley has its own unique food culture. It combines the essence of Chinese-style tea houses, Western-style bars, cafe, and Western-style restaurants. Although Wenhua Alley less than 300-meter, you can drink coffee and have a traditional Korean style meals, or choice a fresh sushi for you lunch.

In addition to the all-encompassing gourmet restaurant, Wenhua Alley also has many coffee shops, bookstores, boutiques, and clothing stores, so you must can find something you like in here.



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