The best time for camping,five places near Kunming for you to choose

Shilin Changhu Lake

Shilin's Changhu Lake, shaped like a slim maiden, is the home of Ashima in folklore. As it is hidden in the green mountains where inaccessible to visitors in the past, thus it is also called as "Hidden Lake". Come and have a two-day-one-night travel at Changhu Lake, eat the barbeque made by yourself and have a foot bath beside the lake. And there is Yi ethnic bonfire party in the evening. 


Address:Changlu Lake Scenic Area, Shilin County, Kunming

Tel: 0871-65876761


Yiliang Moon Valley 

Colorful wild flowers blossom in spring; flower scent in the valley and trees swing with breeze in summer; yellow leaves reflect with green mountains in autumn; sunshine rather than snow on you in winter. Continuous mountains in green along the large rift valley. Sparsely populated, thus flocks of wild ducks live here beside mountains and water for generations. You might happen to pick some wild duck eggs if you are lucky. And it is also good for camping in the Moon Valley. Waterside, under the trees, tent after tent, you can light up a campfire for barbecue. Next morning, you will wake up and the first sight will be the green mountains and birds in the woods. 


Route: Kunming — Shantou-Kunming Highway (G80, Kunming-Shilin Highway) — Yiliang — Gengjiaying Township — Xinshizipo Village (road end) — walk to the Moon Valley. 


 Anning Butterfly Valley 

The Butterfly Valley, located in Xiaojingkou Village, Xianjie Township, Anning city, is about 24 km from downtown. It is a small reservoir hidden deep in the mountain ranges, surrounded by the green mountain and water. Ancient trees towering into the sky, ivy canes surrounding the road, mountain streams flowing inbetween. I'd say the lake and mountain scenery here will make people drunk. As Xiaojingkou Reservoir is hidden deep in the mountains, it is small and unfamous, thus not many people know it. 


Route: Second Ring Road — Kunming-Chuxiong Highway to Anning — Xianjie — Xiaojingkou Dam


Luquan Guihuajing 

Guihuajing, in Chinese means sweet-scented osmanthus mountain valley, is a name given by the local people, because a kind of trees in this place looks like sweet-scented osmanthus trees. Guihuajing has a waterfall named Amei (means young girl in Chinese language) and a water fall named Alang (means young man in Chinese language), and the two waterfalls are telling a beautiful love story. In fact it is a quiet canyon, trees therein are mostly wild walnut trees. Walk along the ditch, and it takes an hour to a piece of flat grassland beside the stream, which is the ideal camping site. 


Route: Kunming - Luquan - Guihuajing 


Jinyuan "Little Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" 

Located at the eastern part of Jinyuan Township in Xundian Industrial Park, the "Little Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" Meadow is about 28 km from Jinyuan Township, covering an area of 40,000 mu. Here you can experience the fun of camping, you can eat the local wheat knot rice, and you can go to the Reshuitang Village for a natural hot spring spa. 


Route: along the Jiaozi Snow Mountain tourism special line to the Jinyuan Township Government, along the road at the right side of the township government to the mountain top, it is there. 



choose a flat land that is not drowning, and avoid places where it is easy to fall rocks and mudslides.

The sun is strong on the plateau. Try not to expose the skin directly to the sun. It is best to use the sunscreen. Carry the garbage bag with you. After the camping, take the garbage and take it away. 


(Article and photo source:Kunming Faner)




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