Wenlin Art Museum

Wenlin Aat Museum is located at 93 Wenlin Street, downtown Kunming, with prosperous humanity and historical significance. The museum has an exhibition area of more than 600 square meteres. The whole museum includes permanent exhibition areas, temporary exhibithion area (can be used as classroom or performing place), storage rooms , and seminar rooms.




Wenlin Art Museum is a speace for artists to exhibit works and communicate with the public. It gathers exhibition, collection, academic discussion in one place. Wenlin Art Museum serves the artists of Kunming and Yunnan Province in primary, and is in association with multi-level forms of communication and operation. The museum is representing both local and international events on culture and art exchanges, and positioning itself to be a contemporary, professional and academic museum.




Wenlin Art Museum is opened from 11am to 10pm, Tuesday to Friday (closed on Monday). the first and only one museum openning to hte public at night in downtown Kunming. Wenlin Art Museum provieds vistors not only wxhibitions, also the fine cafe, warm restin area, mini library, classrooms and smoking area. It will hold a lot of kinds of art activities, public services, and it dedicates to make the art become part of daily living.




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