Have Fun in The Lantern Festival Event

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar calendar, it marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations. There are many traditional customs in the Lantern Festival. For examples, people will eat Tanyuan, it is a small glutinous rice ball filled with peanut paste, sesame paste or sweet red bean paste, it represent people's good wishes and expectations for life. In addition to eating Tangyuan, the lantern event is also one of the biggest activities for Lantern Festival. 

Where can join a traditional lantern festival event in Kunming? It must be the Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Since 25 of January the Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden hold the lantern show, it will end at 25 of March. In ancient times, the design of lanterns were simple, but in the modern times, lanterns have been embellished with many complex designs. For example, lanterns are now often made in the shape of animals. You can find lanterns in dogs, fish, and horses shape. But there are many huge lanterns such as Chinese dragons and the dragon boat. 





Lantern Festival ticket price: 60 yuan/person

Start from 25th of January to 10th of March, 2019





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