Zhuanxin Farmers Market

If you want to know the history of one city, then you can go to museum; if you want to know the culture of one city, then you can go to the university town; if you want to know the life of one city, then you can go to the farmers market. The farmers market is a most intersting place in a city.



Kunming Zhuanxin Farmers Market was put into use in 1988, it is the most traditiona and poplular farmers maket in Kunming. With the developement of internet and urban construction, it is very convenient for daily shopping, but many locals still like shopping in Zhuanxin Farmers Market. Not only for the fresh vegetables and fruits, but the delicious foods and snacks are popular.





Fresh vegetables and fruits

Zhuanxin Farmers Markets has the most complete variety of fruits and vegetables in Kunming. Expect the commom vegetables and fruits there are also many vegetables that you even don’t know the name. You can find many uncomom seasoning ingredients in the makret such as lemon grass as well. 



Wild Mushrooms

Yunnan breeds diverse resources of wild edible fungi thanks to its complex topography, various forest types, soil types and unique three-dimensional climatic conditions. The edible fungi in Yunnan account for more than half of edible fungi in the world and two-thirds of edible fungi in China. Every year when the rainy sesaon is come, you can fined many fresh wild mushrooms in Zhuanxin Farmers Market.



The wild mushrooms sell area is in the upstairs of the market, a long corridor full of scent of wild mushroom. If you are not sure how to choose  good quality mushrooms, ask the peddler to help you to choose.



Douhua Mixian (Rice Noodle with Bean Curd)

Douhua Mixian (or rice noodle with bean curd) has been one of the recognised local snacks in Kunming for a really long time. There is a small restaurants in Zhuanxin Farmers Market called Lalaxiaochi, it has the most popular Douohua Mixian in Kunming. The soft rice noodles mix with the spicy chill sauce makes it hot, but the bean curd will combined the spicy taste, make it mild.

Don’t forget to try the sticky rice balls with bean flour, it is also a popular snacks in locals. It looks like a round dumpling, but with different fillings. Its main ingredients include sticky rice, yellow bean flour, brown sugar, minced sesame and peanut. And it tastes much like a warm candy, with softer and stickier layer. While in Kunming, this special dessert is always been consumed with a small bowl of spicy rice noodle with bean curd.



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