Where is the Best Place in Kunming for Strawberry Picking?

With the arrival of winter, strawberry is starting to go on the market again. You can buy strawberries in fruit shop or supermarket, but there are another way you can buy strawberries that with a lot of fun. Go to the strawberry garden to pick strawberries while you can eat fresh strawberries at the same time.


Family Strawberry Garden

The Family Strawberry Garden is about 7 mu. The strawberries are grown in the greenhouse and grow very well. The size of every strawberries are big and with high sweetness. Many varieties of strawberries you can find in the garden. Next to the strawberry garden is a succulent plant garden, after you finish strawberry picking, you can go to make a small succulent plant bonsai. 

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Xiaogudian Village, North Shengan Road, Anning, Kunming 


Demingxu Happy Farm

The Demingxu Happy Farm is about 10 mu. The most variety in the farm is called milky strawberry, the size of it is big and with ruddy color. In Demingxu Happy Farm, it also provide organic food, you can enjoy the meal with all organic foods.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: 200 meters north from Rongqing Garden, Anfu Road, Xinfangzi Village, Springs Avenue, Anning, Kunming 


Tiansheng Strawberry Base

Tiansheng Strawberry Base is located at South Huanhu Road, Jinning. There are seven different strawberry varieties grown here, it must have the one you like.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Junction of Tuanshan Village and Shadi Village, South Huanhu Road, Jinning District, Kunming 


Luhei Village

Luhei Village has the best natural condition in the all strawberry farm. Strawberry growth sufficient moisture here, so it sweeter than normal, also they can be eaten directly.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Luhei Village, Jinninger Street, Jinning District, Kunming 


Fushan Village

The best soil for planting strawberries is sandy soil. Around the Dianchi Lake area, only Fushan Village has sandy soil. Maybe that why strawberries grow in here is excellent whether it is taste, color or shape.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Next to the petrol station of the Gaohai Highway auxiliary road in Fushan Village, Xishan District, Kunming 


Zhenfeng Manor

There are almost 30 mu of strawberry planting bases in the manor, and the varieties of strawberries are quite rich.The most attractive thing is that in addition to picking strawberries, you can also make buffet barbecue, live CS, DIY flower cake.

Ticket Price: 15 Yuan

Address: Xizhu Zhenfeng Manor, Shalang Township, Kunming


Tuanjie Township

There are many strawberry gardens around the Tuanjie Township, they are all organically grown strawberries. Tuanjie Township is 20 kilometers away from Kunming, it famous for the grass-skating field. So after strawberry picking, you can enjoy the fun of grass-skating.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Tuanjie Township, Xishan District, Kunming


Guimei Garden

The strawberry grow in here is organic, size is quiet big and it sweeter than others. You can also pick a kilogram of vegetables for free if you picking strawberries in Guimei Garden.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Daying Street, Xiaoxishan Village, Fumin County, Kunming


Jiufeng Strawberry Base

Strawberry planting area is about 120 mu, divided into four areas, you can spend whole day in the strawberry base to picking.

Address: Nanying Shiqiao Village, Yongding Town, Fumin County, Kunming


Songming Ecological Garden

Ticket Price: 40 Yuan, purchase over 4 kilograms for free

Address: Songyue, Sonogming County, Kunming