New Excitements in Kunming Old Street

The past is unforgettable. Some people like to recall and rediscover the thoughts and feelings of the past. Some people love "old things" and give them unusual emotions.

The old things are the medium that connects us with the past and makes up for the regret that we cannot experience the past firsthand.

A flea market was held in old streets and alleys of Kunming on October 27, attracting many citizens and tourists. The alleys were full of people, there is really bustling. On that day, the "old things" in the alley attracted customers' eyes. These objects with a sense of time make people go back to the past in a trance.


Among them, there were comic-book which we prefer to call "picture book" decades ago. These small volumes are carefully laid out on the ground, showing people the reading habits of that era. The words in the book tell story one and another, reminding us of our happy childhood.





In those days when mobile phones were not popular, reading was probably the most direct way to acquire knowledge. Every book can bring us knowledge. The sense of accomplishment of reading paper books comes from the pleasure of turning pages. Every page we turn indicates that we are getting closer and closer to the end. Paper books are a practical and real life. The books on sale at the flea market are the hallmarks of life in those days. The older the books, the more "fragrant" they smell, because they embody China's cultural history and the careful collection of them from generation to generation.




People's Daily is among them. The newspaper records the changes in Chinese society and reports on the changes taking place in China. Do you want to know what was reported in People's Daily in 1966?


Yuandatou (currency during the Republic of China) published in the third year of the Republic of China was also among them. Although there are many different versions of it, the pattern on the front is basically the same, except for the different pattern on the back and some details.

In the flea market, there were Kangxi Tongbao, Daoguang Tongbao, Yongzheng Tongbao and other cooper coins of different dynasties. Their values rang from dozens to thousands yuan.

During the Northern Song dynasty, "jiaozi" used in Chengdu of Sichuan province was the earliest paper money in the world. That is to say, China was the earliest country in the world to use paper money. Since the first set of Renminbi was issued in 1948, five sets of Renminbi have been issued subsequently. The enthusiasm for collecting Renminbi has never cooled. In addition to their own values, collectors' passion for old coins because they have carry on the time. 

In fact, we miss not only these old things, but also the past. Like mahjong, with its yellowed tiles, its beautifully carved wooden Windows, and its shells and helmets. Over the past times, they are closely related to our lives . Today, they still shine in their corners.





If you're a collector, don't miss the flea market on weekends. If not, you might as well take this opportunity to go out for a walk and feel the taste of the past.


Kunming Old Street Flea Market

Time: Every weekend from 9: 00 am to 6:00 pm.

Address: Dongjuandong Lane, Jingxing Jewel Market, Kunming Old Street; The C-shaped passage around the Jingxing Jewel in Jingxue Lane

Business Scope: Old books, objects, antiques, paintings, calligraphy, etc.

Fee: Free stall


Created and published by Meili Kunming, this article has been authorized to be shared.