Jincheng Ancient Town—— Once Prosperous Capital of Ancient Dian Kingdom

Jincheng Ancient Town, located in Jincheng Town, Jinning District on the southeastern shore of the Dianchi Lake in Kunming City, is surrounded by mountains in three sides, and the last side sees a hill with small plain facing the Dianchi Lake. The area of the Jincheng Town of Jinning District nowadays was once the capital of ancient Dian Kingdom, the center and birthplace of ancient Dian culture.

Most of the buildings built in Ming and Qing Dynasties in Ancient Jincheng Town are well preserved, mostly “stilt style architecture” and “Yikeyin dwelling structure (a seal-shaped structure)”. The layout of "three principal rooms and four eastern and western side rooms" and "two principal rooms and two eastern and western side rooms" quadrangle courtyard is of unique style and implies unique significance of history, allowing visitors to imagine the prosperous and grand situation of ancient castle. Eight streets including Upper Western Street, Lower Western Street and Guanjing Street in the old downtown of Ancient Jincheng Town form a grid-shaped main pattern, and an auxiliary pattern separated by dozens of alleys.



The natural scenery around Jincheng Ancient Town is greatly wonderful. The popular five-word ancient poetry - "A few households are settled within the distance of one kilometer, dozens of towers and pavilion and clusters of flowers are distributed." - describes such exquisite situation.

Jincheng Town also has another feature, that is, numerous ancient wells, the number of which is beyond your imagination, it may be concluded that "there are water wells in all households, and each household is sourced with pure spring." According to incomplete statistics, the total number of wells found in Jincheng Town and surrounding villages is greater than 1,100, being the largest community of ancient wells preserved in Yunnan. The number of ancient wells preserved in Jincheng Town is rare in the world.


On the occasion of special festival, the drama performances will be shown on the stage, allowing you to experience different charms of ancient city.

White wall interspersed with gray tiles, accompanied with pavilion, gallery and bridge. Here is not the south of the Yangtze River, but it surpasses it, while it remains a touch of romance and tenderness.





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