Nanqiang Street Block

Nanqiang Street Historical and Cultural Block is one of the only two historical and cultural block in Kunming.Coexisting with the Wenming Street Historical and Cultural Block in the Kunming Ancient City. Nanqiang Street, north to the North Wall of the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association), south to the Beihou Street, west to Xiangyun Street, and east to Huguo Road, is a cultural and commercial street block in the heart of Kunming City, retaining the historical architectural features and characteristics.


Nanqiang Street was formed in the early Qing Dynasty. Once, it was a gathering place for jewellery, jade, felt, wood, bamboo and other industries. It has evolved into a city catering and entertainment center with the circumstance of the world.

The construction of Nanqiang Street block is dominated by the old houses in the late Qing Dynasty and the early period Republic of China. In the Nanqiang Street block.

In addition to the typical historical significance of the Nanqiang Street block, there is other traditional residential buildings, for examples like Yikeyin dwelling structure (a seal-shaped structure)”. There is also a classic building “YMCA” with Western-style architectural features designed and built by the Republic of China architect Li Jinpei.

Due to historical reasons and disrepair, most of these buildings have lost their original looks. After years repair, the Nanqiang Street has re-opened on 2015. In 2016, Nanqiang street has introduced many branded shops, as well as handicraft shops with local characteristics, and has gradually become a new popular place in Kunming.

Today's Nanqiang Street has the green tile, the ancient courtyard, the smooth polished blue-stone road, special shops, unique restaurants, aromatic coffee, delicious desserts, lively bar and the 88th Academy Theatre are all exuding its charm.


( Article Recourse/photo recourse: Kunming Faner, Kunming Fabu, Fengyeyiqing)