Chamahuajie give you a chance to experience the old time of Kunming

Chamahuajie located at West shore of Dianchi Lake, it is a special Kunming culture and travel experience area in Xishan District. Chamahuajie is also the only way to the core scenic spot of Longmen, a scenic spot in Western Hill Forest Park.

The construction style of Chamahuajie combined the style of the period of the Republic of China  and the modern business elements.

In order to make a special experience for tourists in Chamahuajie, there are another six theme in it.

Yunnan cuisine, folk snacks, heritage handcrafts, cultural and creative products, Baile Theater, and boutique hotel. Chamahuajie is retain a century-old Kunming!

A newspaper full of old-fashioned style is actually a scenic guide

On both sides of the street are a variety of restaurants, including snacks from all over Yunnan Province.





Posters and sculptures make you feel like crossing back to the old days.