Weekend trip to Anning

Anning is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Kunming. It is located about 28 kilometers southwest of Kunming, about half hour drive. Anning is famous for hot springs and beautiful scenery. So it become a popular destination of Kunming people in the weekends.


Recommended Scenic Spot

Anning Hot Springs

Anning Hot Springs also called “Biyu Springs” (means jade springs), because the spring water is dark green, like a jade. According to legend, it was discovered in the Eastern Han Dynasty that more than 1400 years ago. Today, the Anning Hot Springs Area has ethnic-style hotels, well-equipped sanatoriums, large shopping malls and restaurants. It become a destination for people who want to have a relax time. 


Qinglongxia Scenic Area

Qinglongxia Scenic Area is located in Qionglong Town, northwest Anning city, about 29 kilometers from Anning city. In the scenic area, the ancient trees cover the sky, and the scenery of the vines is beautiful. To the scenic spot, you must try the rafting. The drift time of about 1 hour, you can fully enjoy the rural scenery on both sides. Don’t forget to experience the glass bridge in Qinglongxia Scenic Area.



Tanglangchuan Scenic Area

Anning Tanglangchuan is a narrow and east-west valley road, has been crowned as "Golden Tanglangchuan" in recent years for its brilliance golden color view of two season crops (canola and sunflower).



Yulong Bay

Yulong Bay is the shooting base of the China Film Association. It is the only tourist resort in China that use Southeast Asian culture as thmen and combines cultural display projects with film and television shooting, conferences, folk song and dance performances, entertainment and leisure resorts.


Fahua Temple Grotto

Fahua Temple was built in the Song Dynasty, formerly known as the Sleeping Buddha Temple, and is known for its grotto art. The ancient caves are carved by stone Buddhas. They are different in form and lifelike. They are one of the few cave art in ethnic minority areas in China. 





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