Enjoy the Charming Golden Season in Kunming Wetland Park

The Haihong Wetland Park in late autumn and early winter is the most beautiful time. The metasequoias in the park are intertwined with light  make a golden picture. Trees are reflected on the water surface and move with the breeze to form a graceful landscape painting.


The Haihong Wetland Park located at north shore of Dianchi Lake. The west side of the entrance of the Panlong River, covering an area of 383 mu, started construction in March 2019, and completed the acceptance check in December and is open to tourists for free.


The construction of Haihong Wetland follows the principle of “minimize manual intervention and maximize natural restoration”. The ecological forest belt will upgrade and transform the enclosed marsh wetland, which is flooded and immobile all year round before, into a lakeside ecological wetland with perfect ecological functions.


Now when you walk into the park, you can breathe fresh air, get close to Dianchi Lake, feed seagulls, and enjoy the beauty of the wetland along the path. It is relatively quiet, and it is indeed a good place for leisure and entertainment.


Address: Hubin West Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Transportation: In Kunming city, you can take the K25 bus; you can also take the No.24, No.44, No.73, No.94, No.135, and No.233 bus to Haigeng Park, and then walk east from the shore of Haigeng Park 1.5 km reach

Self-driving: search for "Haihong Wetland" navigation to arrive

Tickets: Free


(Article & photo source:Faxian Yunnan)