Hiking Route:Jizu Mountain in Dali

Jizu Mountain is located in Binchuan County, east of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, around 367 kilometers away from Kunming. It is a sacred place of Buddhism in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and one of the ten famous Buddhist mountains in China.



How to get Jizu Mountain?

Take High-speed Train from Kunming Nan Railway Station or Kunming Railway Station to Dali, then take coach to Binchuan county. Then about half hour way from Binchuan county to Jizu Mountain by car.

High-speed Train whole way takes about two hours, ticket price for business class is 433 yuan/person, first class is 231 yuan/person, second class is 145 yuan/person.


Self-driving from Kunming to Binchuan county, pass away Hangrui Highway and Dayong Highway, about 6 hours drive. From Binchuan county to Jizu Mountain about half hour drive.



Ticket Price:

Ticket for Jizu Mountain: 80 yuan/person

Hiking trail takes about 2-3 hours depend on your speed. You can also choose cable car or sightseeing coach.

Cable Car ticket: one-way up 45 yuan/person, one-way down 30 yuan/person

Sightseeing coach (two ways): 60 yuan/person



Zhushen Temple



Jinding Temple





Kassapa Temple


(Article & Photo:innyo and Yue Yunnan)