Where Can You Find Louts in Kunming?

What is the signature flower for summer in Kunming? What are the beautiful places to watch the lotus? Follow in our footsteps and enjoy the summer together, and enjoy the most charming summer coolness of the spring city.


First Station:Cuihu Park

After heavy rain, finally the sunshine is coming. In the sunny afternoon, invite some friends to go to CuihuPark to watch the lotus.

The green willow on the shore swayed in the wind, and the fragrance of lotus flower wafted in the air. Look around when you sit in Haixin Pavilion or Guanyulou, you can see the hundreds louts leaves on the surface of lake, looks like layers of jade.


With full of greens in your eye, pink lotus flowers dotted with lotus leaves forming a beautiful scenery. Some pale flower buds are hidden in the plants, watch carefully then you can find them. In addition, half-open pink flowers and blooming bright red flowers are interspersed among the large lotus leaves, which makes the beauty of Cuihu lotus more rich and diverse, more charming, and makes our summer vivid and lively.


Second Station:Daguan Park


Daguan Park has entered the lotus viewing season. The 16th lotus exhibition of the park will start on June 25. For the lotus exhibition park prepared about 160 acres of pond-planted lotus flowers, 6000 pot-planted lotus flowers, and nearly 300 species lotus flowers. Lotus varieties, including water lily, king lotus, barracuda and other varieties, more than 1,000 pots of other aquatic flowers.



Third Station:Laoyuhe Wetland Park

In the lotus pond of Laoyuhe Wetland, thousands of lotus flowers are gradually blooming, which can be described as fragrant and colorful. Under the shade of weeping willow trees on the shore, it is especially poetic and picturesque. It becomes a beautiful and exquisite wallpaper.

Since you come to Chenggong, you must try the local specialty food such as Chenggong pea jelly, which blends fragrant, sweet, sour and spicy flavors, and also you can enjoys the rural scenery. 




(Article:Kunming Faner Photo:innyo,Kunming Daguan Park,Kunming Faner)