On May 11, 1981, "Cat" premiered at the New London Theatre in the western district of London for 21 consecutive years. Eight years after the premiere, "Cat" created the first milestone with 3,358 performances and became the longest musical in the New London Theatre. In January 1996, "Cat" won the longest musical in the western district of London with a total of 6141 consecutive performances.

In 1982, the musical "Cat" successfully landed on Broadway and continued to create a long-lasting legend. In the US tour for 16 years and 2 months, breaking the longest tour record in the United States. From 1997 to 2006, "Cat" was the longest-running musical in Broadway history.

The cat is adapted by the author Weber according to the poems written by Eliot for children. Weber fully pays attention to the characteristics of children. Therefore, the cat is more popular among children.

On a special night, the Jericho cat family is holding an annual dance ball. In order to win the opportunity of rebirth for all kinds of cats at the ball. Cats use singing and charming dances to tell their stories.

Cats will has the performances in Yunnan Provincial Grand Theatre from August 30 to September 4, 2019. And for these performances will be the  original English version with Chinese subtitle.


  • Show Time: August 30 Friday 19:30
  •           August 31 Saturday 14:00 19:30
  •           September 1 Sunday 14:00 19:30
  •           September 3 Tuesday 19:30
  •           September 4 Wednesday 19:30
  • Address: Yunnan Provincial Grand Theatre
  • Ticket Price: 280, 320, 580,880,1280 yuan per person
  • Ticket Booking Web:


(Article/photo credit:  Douban)