Long Weekend, One Day Tour of Kunming

First stop: Yunnan Provincial Museum

Museum is a best and fast palce to know a city, if you come to Yunnan for travel, then you must can not miss the Yunnan Provincial Museum. Yunnan Provincial Museum has many collections which full of Yunnan characteristics.



The bronze culture of the Ancient Dian Kingdom of Yunnan is splendid and brilliant, and it has a place in the country and the whole world. It is said the soul of tourism is culture, then the soul of culture is cultural relics. These bronzes are the most precious historical and cultural heritage of Yunnan.


In the Chinese cultural relics and archaeology, there are two striking discoveries: one is the copper horse Matafeiyan Wuwei in Gansu province, and the second is the copper ritual Niuhutongan unearthed from Lijiashan in Jiangchuan, Yunnan province. At the same time, it also opened the corner of the mysterious veil of the Dian Ancient Kingdom of Yunnan.

As a unique bronze vessel in the Ancient Dian Kingdom, the receptacles has a distinctive local style and national characteristics. 2000 years ago, southwest China has a mysterious Ancient Dian Kingdom, where the nobles love use the piggy bank "receptacles" to show off their wealth. The Ancient Dian Kingdom did not have its own words, but the receptacles became a more realistic history book than the text, recording the history of the ancient Dian.


The animals on the cover of the receptacles are cows, sheep, horses, monkeys, birds, tigers, etc., especially the cow shape is more popular, because the cow is a symbol of wealth.


Dali Kingdom is a famous country in the Chinese history. National respect for Buddhism. So many culuture relics about Dali Kingdom will have buddhism symbol.



There are 25 enthic mornity live in Yunnan, each enthic mornity has their own clothes, jewlrys, they are all special collection of Yunnan Provincal Museum.




How to get Yunnan Provincal Museum

Bus: Take bus No.169, 252 and A12 then get off at Guandu District Goverment station

Metro Line: Take Metro Line No.1 and get off at Xinyao Road Station, then walk to Zijun Village(North Caiyun Road) station then take No. Z84 Bus, get of at Guangfu Road Station.


Second stop: Guandu Ancient Town

Once you went to Yunnan Provincal Museum, then you can not miss the Guandu Ancient Town which is opposite of the Museum. Guandu used to a small fishing village near the Dianchi Lake, it gradually became the biggest town around Dianchi at Tang and Song Dynasty. As one of the few ancient towns in Kunming, the rise and fall of Guandu Ancient Town is closely related to Kunming.

The most famous and attractive building in Guandu Ancient Town is Miaozhan Temple Vajra Tower. Vajra Tower was built in Ming dynasty (1458) , it is the oldest one in the existing Vajra tower in China. There are five small towers on the square shape base of the Vajra tower, with 16 meters high main tower in the center. In the bottom road cross the four doors, so it also called Chuanxin (means cross the center ) Tower. Local people believes that walk through the tower can bring luck.

Yunzi is a special GO pieces manufactured in Yunnan, China. As a traditional characteristic handicraft in Yunnan Province, Yunzi started in Tang dynasty and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Yunzi went on to be prized by the literati and were offered to the Emperor.

In 1986, Queen Elizabeth II visited Yunnan, and the governor and Zhiqiang also gave Yunzi as a gift to the Queen. Yunnan Go Chess Factory has reloaction to Guandu Ancient Town since 2012, it also build a chess house for go chess competitions.


The Yunzi chess house is uniquely built. The yin and yang taiji maps inlaid with black and white Yunzi can be seen in the entrance. The Yunzi Exhibition Center collects precious Yunzi from various styles.



How to get Guandu Ancient Town

Bus: Take No. 169, 185 and 253 Bus then get off at Guandu Ancient Town Station. 


Third stop: Kunming Dounan Flower Market

Flowers are one of the most representative items of Yunnan. Dounan is on the east bank of the Dianchi Lake and enjoys the name of “Golden Dounan”. Dounan Flower Market has developed into the “China's and Asia's largest fresh-cut flower trading market” and is a famous flower capital. There are more than 10,000 people entering the Dounan Market every day. There are 66 categories of flowers listed on the day, more than 300 varieties, about 4-6 million branches, daily turnover of 350-5.5 million yuan, and more than 280 tons of fresh cut flowers are transported to more than 60 large and medium-sized cities across the country by air, rail and road, and some are exported to neighboring countries or regions such as Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.


In fact, the real trading time in Dounan Flower Market is generally from the beginning of the night until the end of three or four in the morning. However, people usually go to the flower market during the day and picks up the favorite one and bring them to home. Don't worry about taking them away. There are many logistics companies in the Dounan Flower Market. You can buy the flowers directly and give them to package, then the flowers will take the fastest flight to reach your designated city.



How to get Dounan Flower Market

Metro Line: Take metro line 1 or 2, and get off at Dounan Station