Half Day Transfer in Kunming, Where Is the Best Place to Go ? Part 1

Now it is the most beautiful time in a year in Kunming. From April to June every month has a long weekend holiday, have you already planed you trip? Come to the Spring City to feel the right way to explore the spring.


Kunming as the capital of Yunnan province, the convenience transport make many tourists choice Kunming as a transfer station. Short stay in Kunming, where is the best place to go? The half day trip around Cuihu Park is must be a good idea. 


Cuihu Lake

When the spring become warmer, the lovely Red-billed Gull that come from Siberia will back home. If you go to Cuihu Lake at this time, you may only enjoy the flower, green lush trees and the scenery. In addition to the beautiful scenery and pleasant environment, there are historical and cultural attractions around it.


Yunnan Military Academy


Yunnan University

It is in the season when the begonia flowers are in full bloom. Walk through the Yunnan University campus and walk through the petals. Feel the historical atmosphere of the old buildings.


Out of the Yunnan University from the East Gate, at the moment you step out of the school gate, you can feel the most popular snack street in Kunming.



Yuanxi Road

Yuanxi Road has many restaurants service Yunnan local snacks such as barbecue pork feet, barbecue Tofu, deep fry potatoes, and cold rice noodles. If you love food, you must not miss it. These rich and characteristic snacks.



Wenlin Art Museum

If you don’t like the crowded environment, then don't miss the Wenlin Art Museum on Wenlin Street. If you are lucky, you can meet artists who are here to do art exhibitions.




Kunming Zoo

If you have child with you, then you can not miss the Kunming Zoo. Kunming Zoo also known as Yuantongshan Zoo, because it located at the Yuantong Hill. Every year when the season of cherry blooms in Kunming Zoo will attract many tourists. Thousands of Yunnan cherry blossoms, Japanese cherry blossoms and begonia flowers compete to open, red and white, and can be pleasing to the eye.