The 15th Public Science Day of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Yunnan Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences will held the “15th Public Science Day of Chinese Academy of Sciences” on the May 18, Saturday. It will open all science astronomical venues for public for free.


The Yunnan Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences located at Fenghuang Hill. On May 18, the open time start from 10am to 10pm. There are five venues open on that day, they are Wentian Building, Planetarium, Sundial Square, Meteorite Pavilion and Sun Calendar Square.

Wentian Building include forty centimeters of telescopes, astronomical knowledge exhibition halls and multi-purpose screening halls. The telescope can be used to observe the sky and sky celestial bodies to understand the relevant astronomical knowledge and the significance of astronomical research.


The Planetarim display the astronomical knowledge of the four seasons star constellations and galaxies.

Sundial Square have some ancient astronomical instrument, you can learn how to use them and how they works.


In Meteorite Pavilion you can earn about meteor and meteoroids. And the Sun calendar square will let you know about ancient calendar and understanding and measurement of the 24th solar terms, learn the implementation of the Chinese lunar exploration project and the scientific results achieved.

Yunnan Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: No.396 Yangfangwang Guandu District, Kunming

Tel: 0871-63911620


(photo: Yunnan Net