The Parks in the Center of Kunming City

 Jinbi Park

Founded in the early years of the republic of China, Jinbi Park is the first park in Kunming. Later, it was relocated due to urban development transition. Originally located in what is now The First Ppeople's Hospital of Yunnan Province on Jinbi road, the park now is diagonally opposite Jinma Biji square.

According to the memory of old people, the natural scenery of the former Jinbi park was very pleasant. There was a Yudai River running through the park, as well as green pines and cypresses. The vast area in the east of the park was designed into the plum blossom park. When the plum blossoms are in full bloom, the garden is full of colorful scenes.

Today's Jinbi Park has pleasant scenery, lush flowers and plants, various facilities, and tall green trees. In the open space of the small square, you can see children chasing each other happily, and the old people's band playing relaxing music. It is a good place for people to have a rest and relax.



 Lianhuachi Park

Although the Lianhuachi Park is not big, it has many historical stories. During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, it became a good place for teachers and students of The National Southwest Associated University to go for a walk.

According to historical records: the Lianhuachi pool was built in the Tang dynasty, and it became one of the six beautiful scenery of Dianyang in the early Ming dynasty, enjoying the reputation of “Dragon Pool”. In the park, there are pavilions, waterside pavilions rockery, exotic flowers, paintings and calligraphy, etc.


After several repairs, the Lianhuachi Park now has exquisite pavilions, vibrant flowers and trees as well as clear pools! In particular, the park in autumn is just like an ink painting. The smell of autumn sets off the pavilions and pavilions with green tiles and white walls in the park even colder. Walking among them is like travelling back in time to the Qing dynasty.



 Milesi Park

 Located on Xichang road, Xishan district, Kunming city, the Milesi Park is an ancient and elegant park with gurgling water, vibrant grass and flowers, as well as turtledoves and sparrows living in the forest. The male bird flies with the female bird, what a vibrant scene.

In spring, there are magnolia cherry blossoms in the garden; in summer, there are crape myrtle hibiscus; in autumn, there are osmanthus wood lotus; and camellia wax plum in winter. There are green trees and grass, colorful flowers and flowing water in all seasons. It's an ideal place for jogging on a sunny evening.



 Camellia Park

Located in Kunming, Yunnan province, the Camellia Park is an open public green space characterized by landscaping. The "stone house" in the park has a long history and profound historical significance. In the middle of camellia park, hidden by green trees, there is a stone house built in a combined style of Chinese and western. It is one of the best modern buildings in Kunming and the residence of many mayors in Kunming.


Dozens of plants and trees have been transplanted into the park, such as the coptis chinensis, Yunnan hack berry and other trees and flowers belonging to Yunnan native plants. Among them, high-quality camellia has become a highlight of the park. Not only that, the park is also built with spring, rockery waterfall, comfortable leisure chairs and stools and other park facilities, to create a garden space for sight-seeing and rest.