To experience a slow life in Jianshui by “little train”

Some people like the quietness of Jianshui and quietly enjoy its simplicity. Some people like its food and enjoy the taste experience of braised tofu on the tip of the tongue. Some people like the literature and art and strolls on the Zitao Street. The beauty of Jianshui is to savour the “slow life”. To experience such slow life, a suitable transportation is required. Train is a good choice. From Kunming, it takes less than three hours to reach Jianshui. Choo ... choo... Let’s go to experience the quietness of Jianshui Ancient Town while enjoying the scenery on the way. 

Upon arrival, you can also visit Jianshui by the “little train of Jianshui Ancient Town”. Taking “the hundred-year-old little train to go back centuries” has become a must-do when visiting Jianshui. By the little train and in the wobbly wooden compartments, you can appreciate idyllic scenery and chat about the memory of childhood. 

Officially opened on May 1, 2015, the little train of Jianshui Ancient Town is referred to the meter-gauge railway sightseeing train from Jianshui Lin’an Station to folk houses in Tuanshan. Yunnan meter-gauge railway evolved from Yunnan-Vietnam railway and Gebi-Linping Railway. Passing through three centuries and having been operated for more than 100 years, it carries the special historical memories of China, France and Vietnam and is an important historical and cultural resource in the world. Kunming Railway Administration and Jianshui County jointly invested the little train by maintaining engines, vehicles and lines, repairing station buildings and adding landscape and scenic spots along the line, to revive Gebi-Linping Railway. 

The line for the meter-gauge railway sightseeing train from Jianshui Lin’an Station to folk houses in Tuanshan is from Jianshui East to folk houses in Tuanshan. The 13km railway takes about one hour, including stations of Lin’an, Shuanglong Bridge, Xianghui Bridge and Tuanshan. In addition to the higher historical and cultural values, there are also abundant natural landscape, historical and cultural resources around, such as agro-farming scenery, unique ancient bridges, temples, buildings and other cultural relics. It can offer passengers idyllic farming scenery along the route and can also take them to famous scenic spots such as Shuanglong Bridge and Tuanshan folk houses. 

On the tourist train, the scenery along the route changes by four seasons: vigorous and bright yellow spring rape flowers, verdurous summer rice seedlings, golden autumn rice delivering the joy of harvest, glistening winter paddy fields breeding the new hope. 


Travel tips:


Everyday there are four trains from Kunming to Jianshui. You can take the train at Kunming station.

Line of Jianshui little train: From Jianshui Lin’an station to Tuanshan folk houses

Distance: about12.82km

Stations: Lin’an, Shuanglong Bridge, Xianghui Bridge and Tuanshan

Time of operation: Two round-trips every day, starting at 9:00 am and 2:30pm



(Article/Photo:Jianshui Anciet Town Little Train)