Yunnan style moon cake

Moon cake is one of the most famous Chinese traditional cakes,a traditional food of Mid-Autumn Festival. The shape of moon cake is round, and usually for the whole family eat, symbolizing unity and perfection.



It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival since the Tang Dynasty. When the Northern Song Dynasty was popular in the royal palace, and then spread among the people. In Ming Dynasty, eat moon cake in Mid-Autumn Festival is become a common eating habit. Moon cakes are combined with local eating habits and then developed many different flavors such as Cantonese style, Beijing style, Su style and Yunnan style.


Yunnan style moon cake use the best part of xuanwei ham, cut it into small cubes, and mix with honey, lard, white sugar to make the filling. And for the pastry part, it use purple wheat flour from Chenggong District. Yunnan style moon cake tastes crisp, soft, and tightly baked, making it more and more popular. Its appearance is brownish yellow and slightly hard. When you eat it, the crisp and soft texture will not break, it also called “hard crust ham moon cake”.


(photo credit:Kunming Food Map)