The sweet gift — Rose Flower Cake

Rose Flower Cake is a pastries cake use edible rose as filling, it is a representative of Yunnan classic light refreshments. Historically speaking, the Rose Flower Cake was originated 300 years ago by a pastry chef. The sweet taste and fresh rose aromatic make Rose Flower Cake more and more popular. Even the Emperor Qianlong loved it.


Ingredient—Edible rose in Yunnan

Rosa rugosa is a species of rose native to eastern Asia, distributed in most parts of China, but the best was grown in Yunnan. Yunnan is known as the “kingdom of plants”,“flower country” thanks to its mild weather, high quality sunshine and geographical location, provides excellent conditions of the growth of edible rose. 


Crafts—Elaborate by the chef

Every year from April to May is the best time to pick rose flower. Start pick in the early morning to around 9 o’clock. After 9am the temperature begin to raise, the aroma of rose flower will volatilize, will affect the quality of flower. The picked roses are then manually screened and store in freezer or transport by refrigerated trucks to factory for process. To make Rose Flower Cake the first important step is to make the filling. Crashed petals to mud then add honey and sugar, put into refrigerated , to reduce bitterness.The best flavour is all coming from the rose filling.



The second important step is to make pastry. Use traditional methods to make puff pastry and shortcrust pastry, in order to make the taste crispy and soft taste.








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