3-day Luoping Canola Flowers Photographing Tour

Thousands of acres of field planted with canola; exotic Buyi minority culture. Luoping is 3-hour drive from Kunming.


Around Chinese Spring Festival 


Day1-Three Hours' drive to Luoping from Kunming; on the way one could choose to visit Colorful Sand Forest in Luliang; accommodation in Luoping. 
Day2- Photographing sunrise among the hills, Luoshitian (Conch-like Field) in Niujie, Jiulong (Nine Dragon) Waterfalls, and tens of thousands of acres of Canola Flowers around Jinji Peaks; accommodation in Luoping


Day3- Photographing around Luobuge Gorge, Duoyi River, the largest Exhibition Garden of Water Wheels, and experiencing Buyi ethnic culture; driving back to Kunming in the afternoon; accommodation in Kunming.