Central Yunnan Tour Routes

Route: Kunming-Yuxi-Chuxiong


Beautiful landscapes
The central Yunnan tourism zone is located in the center of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, taking the provincial capital Kunming as its center, and consisted of Kunming and Yuxi municipalities and Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture.


Kunming boasts its enjoyable sunshine, ever-blooming flowers and eternally spring-like climate.  It is the ideal choice for vacationers and tourists who are eager for experiences, which come from relaxing tours at the natural spas, tours in ancient villages, or the health-promoting and recreational tours at the "Golfers' Paradise in Asia". The countless gourmet restaurants, hot-pot restaurants, coffee bars, disco halls, show bars and tea houses are sure to delight tourists with delicious food and enjoyments from all over the world, China and Yunnan Province.


Tours of the unique geological landscapes, plateau lakes and authentic ethnic culture have become another highlight of this area.