Customs and Quarantine


Declaration regulations, duty exemption regulations, currency limit and object carrying etc.

■ Entry and Exit Regulations of China Customs


□ Objects Prohibited Entry


□ Various arms, simulated arms, ammunition, and explosives;


□ Forfeited currencies and forfeited securities;
□ Prints, films, photos, music discs, videos, tapes, laser discs, pc storage medias, and other objects harmful to politics, economy and culture of China;


□ Various acrid poisons;


□ Opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, addictive narcotic, psychoactive drugs, pathogenic bacteria, poisonous insect, and other harmful animals and plants, and products made of them;


□ Food, drugs and other objects from epidemic-stricken areas that are harmful to human and livestock and the food and drugs that may communicate diseases.


■ Customs Reminds: Four points that the outbound tourists need to keep in mind

The customs sector summarizes the four frequent questions in customs declaration. The tourists should keep the questions in mind so as to insure the pleasure of travel. 


□ Don’t carry cashes exceeding the limit
The RMB cash limit of one inbound and outbound tourist is RMB 20,000 Yuan. The foreign currency cash limit of one outbound tourist is 5,000 US dollars. There is no foreign currency cash limit for inbound tourist, but the part exceeding 5,000 US dollars must be declared at the customs.


□ Don’t carry products of endangered animal and plant species when entering China
There are strict regulations over the tusk products in China. “Lawful tusk” will also be confiscated upon entry. Persons involved may be administratively punished or be prosecuted for criminal liabilities.

Besides tusks, ebony, rhinoceros horns and crocodile skins cannot be carried either. The related laws stipulates as follows: when carrying or posting wild animals/plants and wild animal/plant products, one must go through the formalities of export certificate at the endangered animal/plant offices or its authorized offices in advance. The customs will let through those products after checking the export certificate.


□ There are limits of carried printed matters and audio and video products
In accordance with the Rules of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China of Control of Incoming and Outgoing Printed Matter and Audio and Video Products Carried or Posted by Individuals effected at June 1, 2007, the limits of carried printed matters and audio and video products for each passenger per time are as follows: 10 for separately published publications such as books, newspapers, and periodicals; 20 for separately published video and audio products; and 3 for collectively published books or audio and video products.


A 10% duty will be levied if the number of carried printed matters and audio and video products exceeds the above-mentioned number. In case the exceeding numbers of the above-mentioned three categories of products reach 50, 100 and 10 respectively, the customs shall not regard the matters and products as individual products. The procedures of declaration and duty shall be required in accordance with the import regulations.

□ Goods shopped overseas shall be declared


The new Importation Tax Regulation of Baggage Carried or Posted by Individual Incoming Passengers and Duty-Paid Value of Baggage Carried or Posted by Individual Incoming Passengers have come into effect from August 1, 2007.


The taxes over the advanced commodities such as cigarettes, cosmetics, and watches frequently carried by outgoing passengers are increased greatly. While the tax rate of cosmetics increases from 10% to 50%, the tax rate of golf and golf instruments increases from 10% to 30%. In addition, taxes are also levied on the electronic products such as MP4 bought overseas.


The customs also reminds, if the total value of the commodities shopped overseas exceeds 5,000 Yuan or exceeds the limit of duty exemption, the commodities shall be declared. If the incoming passengers fail to declare or lie in declaration, besides paying the taxes, they shall also be punished by the customs in accordance with related regulations.


The passenger declaration system was reformed since July 1, 2007. All passengers are required to fill in Declaration Form of Luggage of the Incoming and Outgoing Passengers of The Customs of the People’s Republic of China.


□ How to speed up the pass clearance 
The incoming passengers can ask for the Declaration Form on the flights and fill in the form before entry. The outgoing passengers can ask for the Declaration Form at the ticket office or at the travel services and fill in the form before exit.




Yunnan Province Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Regulations

Quarantine shall be implemented in accordance of Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine and this Regulation on the entry and exit animals and plants at the ports in Yunnan Province.


□ Animals and plants, their products and other quarantine objects;


□ Containers and packaging materials used for carrying animals and plants, their products or other quarantine objects;


□ Animal-and-plant-made packaging materials and bedding materials;

□ Means of transport from animal or plant epidemic areas.


Yunnan Provincial Department of Enter and Exit Quarantine
Add: 429, Dianchi Rd., Kunming
Tel: 0871-64631119
Zipcode: 650228

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