Tourist Insurances

The main types of tourist insurances in Kunming are as follows.


■ Tourist Accidental Injury Insurance
Tourists take out the insurance policy upon buying the tickets of buses and ships. The premium is 5% of the ticket prices. The amount insured is RMB 20,000 Yuan, among which the medical expenses of accidents are 10,000 Yuan. The insurance period is from the time of ticket checking or the time getting on the buses or boarding on the ships to the time departing from the buses or ships. In case of death, disability, or loss of body functions, the insurance company, besides paying the medical expenses in accordance with the related regulations, shall pay the injured or the relatives of the death whole, half, or part of the amount insured.


■ Tourist Personal Accident Insurance
Currently, most of the insurance companies provide this kind of insurance. The premium and amount insured are 2 Yuan and 20,000 Yuan respectively. One can buy 10 policies at most. The insurance is fit for exploration tourism, ecological tourism, adventure tourism and etc.


■ Tourist Salvage Insurance 
Tourist salvage insurance is a type of insurance jointly provided by insurance companies and International SOS Salvage Center. Expanding the service scope of the original tourist personal accident insurance, tourists taking out the tourist salvage insurance policy can get timely and effective salvage upon occurrence of the accidents, instead of settling the claims after the accidents. It is fit for outbound tourists. In case of accidents or legal disputes for neglect of the local customs, laws and regulations, the tourists will be provided with free salvage upon dialing the telephone number. 


■ Lodging Tourists Personal Insurance
The premium of the insurance is one Yuan and one can take out several policies. In case of accidents, attacks, or robbery of carried baggage, the insurance companies shall pay the amount insured according to different criteria.


■ Handling
Tourist groups can take out the wanted insurances at travel services. Self-service tourists can follow the related procedures with China Life, PICC, Ping An Insurance, and China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd.

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