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New Year Poster Exhibition

Tuesday (10 January) saw the Folk New Year Poster Exhibition of Kunming kick off in the Green Lake Park, where citizens feasted their eyes on the festive and classic New Year posters.

(Kunming citizens are
 appreciating posters
in the Green Lake Park)

The exhibition-cosponsored by Kunming Municipal Landscaping Bureau, Kunming Evening News, Green Lake Park and Fuzhaolou Restaurant-has embodied the jubilance Kunming locals have enjoyed as the Chinese New Year (also Spring Festival) approaches.

(Kunming citizens are appreciating
posters in the Green Lake Park)

Dozens of kinds of posters displayed are full of traditional flavours, and exhibiting high value of either admiration or collection.

["龍"(lónɡ,dragon) is the most eye-catching
Chinese character in the Year of Dragon]

Deja vu
Most middle-and-old-aged citizens say they had a feeling of deja vu when they first caught sight of the New Year posters. "When we were young, (New Year) posters were annually pasted to doors at the time of the Spring Festival," said a man surnamed Hao. "However, in cities nowadays, we find it hardly possible to find New Year posters even if you explore places ranging from bookstores to roadside stands. We are lucky to come to the special exhibition, and find no reasons to miss the chance to take some (posters) home."

(Lucky Boy or "Zhao Cai Tong Zi" in Chinese)

And it was also learnt on the exhibition, which is staged in large part on the non-profit basis, many posters have been priced at two yuan ($0.3) or five yuan ($0.8) each. And some have been combined with Spring Festival couplets to appear convenient and terse.

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