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Golden Temple Camellia Festival

The Third Camellia Festival of the Golden Temple (Palace) of Kunming is to kick off on 18 January and will have lasted till 20 February 2012, as the Chinese Spring Festival draws near. The festival is also fully named "Kunming City Flower-unnan Camellia Festival".

(Camellia is the city flower of Kunming)

The Golden Temple-that has enjoyed a history of at least 400 years-has been where the locals and tourists go to admire Yunnan camellias, camellia history and culture exhibition, trade fair, Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting exhibition, and ethnic folk shows such as Huadeng Opera.

(The Golden Temple-which serves to enshrine
Zhenwu God-is the biggest draw in the park)

Each lunar 9 January (31 January 2012) is when the Golden Temple Fair takes place to mark the becoming immortal of Taoist Zhenwu God. Pilgrims will swarm into the park then.

(Coloured lights or lanterns are the
most appealing nightly views in Daguan Park)

Further more, you are probably interested in Daguan (Grand View) Park decorated with lanterns, the Black Dragon Pool Park brimming over with plum blossoms, Kunming Botanical Garden where flowers bloom in a riot of colours, and downtown Kunming where locals find what they need to prepare for a festive Chinese New Year!

[Laojie (Old Street) Temple Fair in downtown
Kunming is always the favourite of most
locals during Chinese New Year]

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