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3-day Jiaozi Snow Mt Photo Tour

Topic: Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Kunming’s Shangri-la

Highlights: Jiaozi Snow Mountain is the only one of Kunming; beside its intriguing sceneries, the ethnic cultures of the Yi and Miao etc are also impressive, 

Time: All the year round

Day1- Four hours’ drive to Jiaozi Snow Mountain from Kunming via Aziying and Zhuanlong; on the way, experiencing Yi and Miao cultures; accommodation in Xiapingzi;
Day2-Whole-day photographing around Jiaozi Snow Mountain, including Laohei Virgin Forest, “Ice Waterfall”, and Ice Pillars; accommodation in Xiapingzi;
Day3- Photographing Yixiantian (A Narrow Sky) Cliff Pass, and firs in Hayi Pass; drive back to Kunming in the afternoon; accommodation in Kunming.

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