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3-day Red Land Photo Tour

Topic: Red Land, Dongchuan District of Kunming

Highlights: Dubbed as the palette of the earth, Red Land in Dongchuan District of Kunming is an ideal destination of photographers who are in search of exquisite works. 

Time: All the year round. Generally speaking, one will absolutely shoot different views in four seasons of the year. Spring: flowers of potatoes and highland buckwheat grown by the local peasants. Summer: stripes of gleaming plastic films that look like woodcuts. Autumn: patches of canola flowers and sunset glow. Winter: snow. 

Notice: the Red Land is on the plateau with an altitude of 2,400 meters above the sea level; it could be undoubtedly deemed to be cold or even frigid as the temperature varies much within the day.  

Day 1- Five hours’ drive to Xintian and Fazhe via A’ziying; accommodation in Fazhe Town
Day 2- Full-day photographing in Fazhe, Xintian and Damakan; accommodation in Fazhe Town
Day 3- Photographing in Niujie and “Solitary Tree”; drive back to Kunming in the afternoon; accommodation in Kunming.

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