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South Yunnan Tour

Route: Kunming-Mengzi-Yuanyang-Jianshui-Pu’er-Simao-Jinghong/Kunming
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Tips: The programs given on this web page are only for reference, any tour program is subject to the contract concluded by travel agents and their clients.

Day 01: Kunming
*Arrival at Kunming. Detailed programs for Kunming could be booked from travel services.
*Overnight in Kunming

Day 02: Kunming-Stone Forest-Mengzi
 *The Stone Forest is famous for limestone pillars in fantastic shapes that resemble a forest viewed from a distance. It is also home to the Sani People, a branch of the Yi Minority. 

After visit to the Stone Forest, continue overland drive of 200 km (4 hours) via Mi’le and Kaiyuan to Mengzi. En route, we may see vineyards and sugarcane fields.

Mengzi is the capital of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. In the evening, take a stroll around Nanhu Lake to enjoy the quiet local life. We will also visit Ge Lu Shi Restaurant, serving once as the office of a French trade company in the early 20th century.

*Lunch en tour at local restaurant
*Overnight in Mengzi

Day 03: Mengzi-Yuanyang
*In the morning, we take a short trip to visit Bisezhai Station. Bisezhai functioned as an important stop on the former Yunnan-Hanoi Railway built by the French during 1903-1910; then overland drive of 130 km (3 hours) to Xinjie Town-the old town of Yuanyang County.

Yuanyang is now attracting more and more domestic and overseas tourists for its unparalleled terraced paddies and diversified ethnic cultures of the Hani, Yi, Dai and Yao etc. 

Check in at the local hotel before driving out to appreciate the sunset at Laohuzui and Panzhihua.

*Lunch en route at local restaurant
*Overnight in Xinjie Town

Day 04: Yuanyang        
*Visit in and around Yuanyang to the terraced paddies at Shangguanping, Duoyishu and Bada. Visit also to Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village and the local market.

The Hani Minority in Yuanyang has been renowned for creating a harmony between man and nature in the village, forest, river and terraced paddies. Populated 1.3 million in Yunnan, the Hanis single out themselves in their traditional costumes with silvery accessories and mud brick houses roofed with pine leaves that resemble mushrooms when looked from a distance. 

*Lunch en tour at local restaurant
*Overnight at hotel in Yuanyang

Day 05: Yuanyang-Jianshui
*In the morning, overland drive of 120 km (3 hours) through subtropical landscapes to Jianshui.

Jianshui is a 1200-year-old town with a vast collection of historical heritages. It boasts over 100 architectures built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, 50-odd arched ancient bridges, and quite a few old residences that were built in the Qing Dynasty. 

Visit in Jianshui to the Confucius Temple, Chaoyang Tower, Zhu Family Garden and the Ancient Wells.

*Lunch en tour at local restaurant
*Overnight in Jianshui

Day 06: Jianshui-Pu’er (Simao)
*In the morning, visit the Double Dragon Bridge, and Zhang Family Garden.

With 17 arches, the pavilion-style Double Dragon Bridge was built in the Qing Dynasty. Zhang Family Garden, also called Tuanshan Village, is 8 km to the west the county seat. The village has currently 237 households of whom over 90 percent still bear the surname of “Zhang”. 

Continue to overland drive of 360 km (5.5 hours), via Yangwu, Mojiang and Pu’er to Simao. En route, you may see aloe plantations, banana grooves and tea fields.

*Lunch en route at local restaurant
*Overnight in Pu’er (Simao)

Day 07: Pu’er (Simao)-Jinghong
*Overland drive of 160 km (2 hours) to Jinghong, the capital city of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture.

Xishuangbanna is situated in the southernmost part of Yunnan and borders on Myanmar and Laos. It is iconic images are tropical sceneries, rich and unique ethnic cultures.

En route, we will stop to visit the Wild Elephant Valley. Take a cable car that goes in the top of tropical rainforest and allow for birds-eye views of the rainforests. Take a walk in the forest and watch an elephant show. You will also visit the butterfly breeding base and the tropical bird garden in the valley.

*Lunch en tour at local restaurant
*Overnight in Jinghong

Day 08: Jinghong      
*Drive along Mekong River to Menglun. En route, stop and visit local market and the Dai Garden at Ganlanba Basin. After visit of the Tropical Botanical Garden at Menglun, return to Jinghong.

The Dai Garden is composed of five Dai villages of Man Jiang, Man Chun Man, Man Ting, Man Zha, and Man Ga in the township of Ganlanba some 30 km from Jinghong City.

The Dai Minority has three major branches, respectively Han Dai (residing in the mountains), Shui Dai (living by the rivers), and Huayao Dai (Flowery Dai). Arrangement can be made to visit villages of Han Dai and Shui Dai in and around Jinghong.

The Tropical Botanical Garden was founded in 1958 and plays an important role in research in the areas of medicinal plants, taxonomy, cash plants and biochemistry. It proudly holds 3,000 species of plants.

*Lunch en route at local Chinese restaurant
*Overnight at hotel in Jinghong

Day 09: Jinghong-Kunming
*Fly back to Kunming

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