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Kunming, A Summer Resort

As the sweltering summer draws near, many parts of China exhibit agonizingly a temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius while Kunming delights people with about 20 degrees Celsius, cool enough to make it a summer resort.

(1)-Feel The Cool While Sightseeing

Touring Kunming in summertime is a smart idea for those who are in pursuit of both coolness and beautiful sceneries. Kunming won’t let you down since it boasts of a large number of tourist sites, either natural or cultural.

The Dragon Gate-Elevated Views

Situated on the precipices of the West Hill, 2200 meter above the sea level, the Dragon Gate is the best place for one to ascend to enjoy refreshing breeze and elevated views of Kunming Town and the vast Lake Dian. The cable-car ride can release you from strain and intensify your enjoyments on the Dragon Gate.

The Stone Forest-The Wilder Peripheral Area

The Stone Forest is the must-see place in Kunming. However, what we’d like to recommend is to explore the Stones by taking the route to the Peripheral Area (wài shí lín). It features much more natural, much wilder and much quieter. You may have found that in China you always “encounter” thousands of elbows and other crowd troubles in one single tourist site. When you finish the Sword Peak Pond (jiàn fēnɡ chí) in the Major Stone Forest (dà shí lín), please say “goodbye” to other tourist groups and find the footpath to the peripheral area where you will be greeted by distant views, close looks and even birds-eye views of the grotesque lime stones. Only in this way can you say proudly “I’ve been in the Stone Forest”.

The Grand View Park-A Sniff Of Summer 

"The 500-li Dianchi Lake is rushing into sight when I ascend onto the Grand View Pavilion," Mr. Sun Ranweng (1685-1774) is normally quoted as describing the Lake Dian in his couplet for the Grand View Pavilion. Located on the north shore of Dian Lake, the Grand View Park is conveniently accessible by public bus ride costing you 1 or 2 Yuan. Inside the park, you can smell the tangy fragrance given off by a pond of flourishing lotus; and you can feel the breeze of the Lake Dian. 

Jiuxiang Karst Cave-The Underground World

The moisture and temperature of Jiuxiang Karst Cave are just appropriate in summertime. If you choose to go there in other seasons, it must be chilly inside the cave.

(2)-Experience The Culture

As one of the renowned historic and cultural cities in China, Kunming enjoys a long-standing history and is characterized by profound culture and peculiar ethnic customs. We can’t list all the spots on the page; but you can rest assured to schedule up for the Green Lake, the Golden Temple, Downtown Area (Old Quarter or Jingxing Bird & Flower Market), the West Hill Forest Park and Guandu Ancient Town etc. Museums are as well scattered around Kunming Town which claims to be “A City of Museums” due to its museum (of different sizes) number amounting to nearly 100. These museums function well to display all cultural aspects of Kunming generally.

Guandu Old Town-The True Folk Culture

Guandu Old Town in the east suburb of Kunming is a state 4A-level scenic attraction with a great number of historical and cultural sites. Guandu is the first choice to experience the true folk culture of Kunming. If you are interested, you can extend your visit to Kunming Luosiwan International Trade City.

(3)-Outdoor Events

There is a wide range of summer outdoor programs in Kunming. Golfing, biking, hiking (in the West Hill), camping, photographing (in the Red Land of Dongchuan District) and so on are all feasible and available.

Spring City Golf Club-Lakeside Enjoyment
On the east shore of the mirror-like Yangzong Lake, the Club is far from the noisy city. You choose The Spring City Golf is not only for golfing, but also to share the serenity, the natural beauty and the cool summer.

West Hill Hiking:Gaoyao Bus Terminal-Huating Temple-Taihua Temple-Nie’er’s Tomb-Dragon Gate/Maomao Qing Valley.
Bicycling: Downtown-Higeng Park/West Hill.

(4)-Mushroom Meal

Yunnan abounds in wild mushrooms. There have been more than 200 kinds of identified edible mushrooms all over Yunnan Province. The famous ones include: Sparassis crispa (ɡān bɑ jūn), Russula virescens (qīnɡ tóu jūn), Collybia albuminosa (jī cōnɡ jūn), Lactarius hatsudake (hónɡ zhī rǔ ɡū) and Boletaceae (niú ɡān jūn) etc.

Most of the “gluttonous” visitors to Kunming manage to get well-informed about the Mushroom Street in Guanshang Area. To find a restaurant serving assorted edible mushrooms is a doddle there. If you are an “eater”, you are bound to feel it really a big pity not to have a mushroom meal when in Kunming.

(5)-Savour The Tea

Pu’er Tea, caffeine-free, is a famous Yunnan specialty. Rich in catechuic acid and vitamins, it appears wholesome. Pu’er Tea is graded according to its “age”, as do antiques. Pu’er Tea is available in each tea house or shop in Kunming City. There are of course other kinds of teas such as Yunnan Black Tea, Jasmine Tea and Green Tea etc.  

(6)-Ethnic Celebrations

Ethnic minorities all over Yunnan Province spend different festivals from time to time. Minority “fans” find their pleasure by joining in festivals and appreciating the colorful costumes. 

Yunnan is truly too vast in territory for you to explore ethnic cultures. Go to Yunnan Nationalities Village based in Kunming, and then you can “travel throughout Yunnan within one day”!

(7)-Country Tour

There is a growing tendency for “country tour” also called “rural tour” by some people. In addition to the celebrated tour sites, Kunming abounds in tourist resources in the countryside. Examples are Dangui Village (the Red Army Memorial Hall), Qiexi Village, and Jiaozi Mountain.

Jiaozi Mt-See The Rhododendron Flowers

Jiaozi Mountain belongs to mountainous glacial landforms. Inside the scenic area, one can witness lofty peaks and precipices, well-preserved virgin forests, glacial lakes, alpine meadows and glaciers. The entire scenic area also abounds in fauna and flora resources.

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