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Kunming Itinerary C

Day -01 
*Arrival at Kunming; meet at the airport and transfer to hotel
*Drive to visit the Dragon Gate of the Western Hill
*Lunch at local restaurant
*Overnight at Kunming

The Dragon Gate
As the quintessence of the entire West Hill Park, the Dragon Gate Grotto mainly includes the Old Stone House, Ciyun Cave, Yunhua Cave and Datiange Grotto. For this huge project, Taoist priest Wu Laiqing, famous mason Yang Rulan and his son Yang Jitai spent 72 years to complete (1781-1853). Enshrining Kui Star God (in charge of Literacy), Wenchang God (in charge of Promotion) and Guansheng God (in charge of Warfare and Marshal Arts), Datiange Grotto is the highlight of the entire Dragon Gate. Locals of Kunming uphold the tenet that "once you visit the Dragon Gate, you will usher in good lucks".


Day -02 
*Drive to visit the Stone Forest Park
*Lunch at local restaurant
*Visit Green Lake Park, Yunnan Provincial Museum and Old Town (Jingxing Bird & Flower Market)
*Overnight at Kunming

The Stone Forest
The Stone Forest Scenic Area is approximately 80 kilometers away from the downtown of Kunming. Covering 400 square km, it is a World Natural Heritage Site accepted by UNESCO in 2007. The Stone Forest is famous for its Karst landform and the ethnic culture of the Sani People-a branch of the Yi Minority. En route, you may see the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, orchards and villages. By taking the old road, you can choose to visit The Colorful Yunnan (Qi Cai Yunnan), a large-scale shopping centre for Yunnan specialties.

Time permitted, you can drive 30 km to visit Nuohei Stony Village.

The Green Lake
As the most popular park in the downtown of Kunming, the Green Lake attracts multitudes of visitors from home and abroad each year to witness its emerald-like water, weeping willows and red-beaked seagulls traveling long from Russia to spend winter since 1985.

Yunnan Provincial Museum
Established in 1951, Yunnan Provincial Museum is a comprehensive museum where cultural relics have been housed and exhibited. It has garnered over 156,000 pieces of cultural relics such as bronze wares, ancient coins, ceramics and ethnic religious instruments etc.


Day- 03 
*Drive to visit the EXPO Garden in the morning
*Lunch at local restaurant
*Visit the Golden Temple in the afternoon
*Overnight at Kunming

Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden
As one of the state 4A-level scenic attractions, Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden is located in the northeast suburb of Kunming and adjacent to the Golden Palace Park. The Garden is the former site of "999 China-Kunming World Horticultural Exposition" covering approximately 218 hectares. With the theme of "Man and Nature, Marching into the 21st Century", the Garden vastly incorporates those garden masterpieces from 95 participating countries and regions.

The Golden Palace
As one of the famous Taoist holy place in Yunnan Province, the Golden Palace (Temple) Scenic Area is a state 4A-level scenic attraction of Kunming. It tops others of its kind in China for its total weight of over 250 tons.


*Night program recommended: Dynamic Yunnan
*This tour route is popular among visitors to Kunming. For more details, you can make your enquiry at major travel services

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